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Welcome to Oak LP Outreach

Oak Learning Partnership Outreach provides support for the inclusion of all learners across primary and secondary settings in Bury. As a Trust we include Elms Bank School, Unsworth Primary School and Hazelwood High School. The Outreach Team comprises of experienced Senior and Middle leaders, Specialist Teachers and highly experienced Teaching Assistants. The service caters for a range of individual needs from 4 to 19 years.

The aim of the Outreach Support is to transform lives using a highly inclusive educational approach. We work with professionals to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for each and every student within Bury.

As a trust we care deeply about every learner within the Bury community, as such OakLP Outreach works with a number of other agencies, including health and education to ensure effective collaboration we believe that no student should ever be left behind.

As well as coordinating a strong SENCO Network across the authority, OakLP Outreach can offer schools bespoke packages that involve a SEND review followed by highly detailed action plans to support best practice. Furthermore we offer a range of CPD, including Trauma Informed Practice, Inclusive Classrooms and Behaviour de-escalation as well as adaptive teaching to support Numeracy and Literacy at primary and secondary level. We see CPD as vital to the success of all students, as such we work to ensure strong partnerships with all of the schools in Bury, giving them opportunity to visit our schools to witness best practice; this has included TA Development Drop Ins and whole school strategic support.